I’ve grown a pineapple orchard to go with my apple orchard!


I finally gave in to the pineapple obsession everyone is in on and it’s all thanks to Target!

In January Target had a back to school sale and were advertising the pineapple and pencil set in the middle for $9. They also had the two glasses at $3 each, and I scored the plate for $15. I did consider the pineapple bowl set and tea towel but that was one for $5 and I’m a tight arse! But you never know, I might go back…

Which I did and got the tea towel for $5!

I’m sure there will be many more pineapples pop up in the house by the end of the summer months, but they add to the orchard, such as the apple one that’s taken over…

How many pineapples do you have in your house, or are you into another type of fruit?

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