I’m Back from Holidays…


This time last year I was talking about a whole bunch of things. I was talking about how the blog had been updated and a new style store added, how mum had been sick and I was exhausted, how it was going to be the year of bags and shoes (after 2015 was the year of kaftans and kimonos).

I had hoped to have December and January off, and I did…sort of. I wrote instead. Under my author name of L.J. Diva I was writing the most epic novel I’ve ever written.  782 handwritten pages. But more on that at another time.

I have mourned for all we lost last year, and it seems it has already started up again with celebrities already dying on us.

I have spent money and time on getting my books written and published, like #teenblogger, T.K. Wrathbone stories, and the Porn Star Brothers series under L.J. Diva.

Plus How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential will be coming to paperback this year, and I have an awesome new six part book series that is so 80s it will blow your mind. Especially the covers.

I have bought clothes and jewellery as usual, gone overboard on Sharpies, and added to my book collections. This blog will turn 8, I will turn 43, and hopefully neither of us will end in hospital.

So sit back and enjoy the year ahead.


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