HOW TO: Style and design business and shipping cards for you and your business

Last year I wrote three posts about how to put together a Business Kit, you can read them here, 1, 2, 3, and the company I used was Vistaprint here in Australia.

Since I’ve changed my business around over the last few months, re-arranged my social media, closed down my old webstore and opened up at, I knew I needed not only new shipping cards but business cards as well.

In choosing what design to go with when you have business cards done, many say use the logo you have on your website and social media so people can recognise you. 

When changing from Blogger to WordPress and after changing my name year before last, I decided not to go with my brand new logo as it is not really my website I am promoting, but myself.

So I decided to go with my own name instead of my website name, and in doing so needed a logo to go with my name on my new cards. I thought for awhile about it and scoured Vistaprint for their logos, and since I wanted to keep the jewellery logo for my shipping cards, I decided there was only one thing to go with where my personal logo was concerned, and that was what represented my name. A Tiara!


There were two to decide from, a pink Tiara which didn’t seem to blend well colour wise when I saw the preview online. Then there was the white circle with the gold Tiara that was even better. And looks fabulous when you see it in person.

I kept the old jewellery logo I was using for previous business cards as I love the design and it’s still very appropriate for using as Thank You cards for sending out with the jewellery I sell, so the design of those cards have not changed but the information has.

I recently posted about these candle holders I bought and the things I could do with them, I decided to use Kate Gabrielle’s idea where she used floral glass cups to store her cards on her desk. Mine fit very nicely into the pink and blue ones. I do love pink and blue!


I did get a card holder for free though with my order and since I’d never taken up the offers all the other times I bought cards, I decided to grab one this time

100_5272The extra cards fit

100_5273I also had a pen made in my name and Tiara

100_5348Looks good!

100_5349I also bought new return address labels which I updated with my Jewel Divas info as the jewellery ships from me.

I know there are other places to get cards done, Moo, Zazzle, and I nearly got mine from Zazzle except it was only for 100 and the price was quite high so I went back to Vistaprint and these are the result. Plus they are constantly having sales all over the place on eBay, Yahoo, Facebook, so I saved up to 80% on the cards and extras.

I definitely recommend Vistaprint and will continue to use them in future.

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