HOW TO: Save your computer files online so they’re safe from crashes, theft or fire

In the last year or so a lot of people have been talking more and more about saving our pc files online in case our pc crashes, blows up, or is stolen in a burglary. Yet they don’t have a definitive choice as to which company to use.

There are many out there and a quick Google search will come up with many. Dropbox is a favourite and is widely recommended.


However Dropbox only gives you 2 gb for free, and you either need to start inviting people to gain extra gb, or buy extra gbs.

I’d prefer mine for free thanks very much.

Unfortunately for me, 2 gb is just not enough and I am not about to pay for more. I have way too many photos and files, not just for my blog, but for my business as well. Not to mention pictures I store for other things.

So I Googled the top ten companies for online storage and while I got Dropbox, I also got Sky Drive, A-Drive, Just Cloud, Sugar Sync, and Box, just to name a few.

And then I found one that offered 10 gb, yes, that’s 10 GB, for free.


I had never heard of Bitcasa before and thought it must be too good to be true. It offered 10 gb for free, you could upload pictures, movies, videos, and if you need more space you buy it.

I Googled the company and checked out its website, watched some videos of them and thought, why the hell not!

So I signed up ( it’s all relatively easy ), selected the free account, and downloaded the software to my pc.

Once I had my folders sorted and deleted anything I didn’t want, reduced the size of my pics, re-arranged everything to the way I wanted it, I decided to mirror my folders to Bitcasa. That way, they are copied into my Bitcasa account, still on my hard drive, and whenever I make changes, the next time I’m online my pc signs in automatically and the changes take effect in my Bitcasa account.

The only things I don’t like about it are depending on the size of your folders and files, it can take hours, so I highly recommend mirroring the smallest files first. Secondly, at this time they do not allow you to delete folders directly from your Bitcasa account folders. This is something users have suggested and they are taking on board, but it should have been a part of the main frame from the beginning as people are constantly adding or deleting files and folders.

So, if you have a good chunk of stuff on your pc and want to store it online safely, then try Bitcasa. It also allows you to connect to your account across multiple android/apple/pc products, regardless of where you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re doing it on.



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