HOW TO: Put together an Electrical Kit

So last year I got my first iPod and had it in a nice double sided blue purse. But then a couple of months ago I got my iPad and iPod Touch as well and then I started thinking, I want to keep all of my iGoodies together in one bag because when I get my iPhone, there will be cords everywhere, and then there’s my camera, my Nintendo, my camcorder, there’s cords and bits and pieces.

The Prezerve jewellery bag.
Open it up and it’s perfect with all of its pockets. On the left is a big pocket for all the papers. My Nintendo is in it’s blue protective case and the two “ring” pockets are great for hard drives. As shown below.
On the right is rechargeable batteries, my Nintendo cord and bits and pieces, and Sony Bloggie video camera cords.
That partition flattens out the other way and provides flat pockets for iPod/iPad/iPhone stylus and screen wipers, along with anything else I can fit it.
 Then you open that section out the other way, so it’s fully laid out.
 I have all my iPod/Camera/Camcorder stuff on the right with two mophie back up batteries. And a couple of iPhone notebooks.
In the middle is my iPad cords, hard drive cords, back up flash drives and small containers for extra iPad stuff.

So of course it all folds up neatly and is so handy and compact it’s ridiculous. Although if you have a tonne of electrical gadgets, then obviously this isn’t for you. But if you have a few, like certain Apple products, then storing them in a bag is great. They are all together with their cords and papers in case you need to refresh your memory and you can grab anything any time and go. You know where it all is and don’t need to search for hours.

Quite frankly, I think it’s a perfect idea and I’m so glad I thought of it!

As a jewellery and accessory designer, creator and collector, this bag would be perfect if I had a small collection. But as you all have seen via my posts, I have over 1300 pieces of jewellery. Even my designer jewellery wouldn’t fit into this bag.

But my iGoodies and all else do!

Besides being animal print and material, it’s strong and durable, and if being used for jewellery, has been treated with an anti-tarnish fluid. So I’m not sure what it will do to my electricals, but I’ll soon find out. It’s also quite compact and like a mini suitcase. Only 30-ish cm high, and not as wide, it’s very cute and handy.

There are only two small issues, and they are the same issues with double sided toiletry bags as well, and they make me wonder if a man designs them because they have no idea what women need or want.

1 – The bag is meant to be folded up, zipped and so essentially standing. Great, then why have the zips on the wrong side of the pockets so when the bag is hanging fully stretched, things are upside down?

2 – The pockets are all small. Considering there are 60 pockets and on both sides, it would not have killed them to make long pockets, but they double stitched them down the middle so all pockets are small.



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