HOW TO: Put together a Travel Kit part 2

So here is part two of my travel kit. If you look through your copious amounts of op shop/department store freebie purses, you might find you can put a set together. Which is what I did with my black ones.
Top left is the first aid/detective kit I always carry. Top right is the make up purse. Bottom left is a Cardinali two sided purse for all extras, and bottom right is my toiletry bag.
Red purses from ebay and op shops make for extra storage of underwear, make up or jewellery.
Ebay bought bags for shoes or dirty bathers.
A luggage strap in the Benneton colours.
Bandanas in the Benneton colours
More bags for storing dirty clothes, wet bathers or shoes.
And most of the smaller stuff can fit into my Benneton tote bag when not in use.
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