HOW TO: Make pink animal bead bracelets to go with that pink animal bead necklace

So this week I’m showing you how I make a stretch bracelet stack. All rather simple and most people know how to do it.
Step 1 – count out how many beads you think you’ll need and thread onto good thick beading elastic. But don’t ever cut the elastic before you thread. Some people do that, but I always found I made mistakes. While it’s still on the roll just thread it that way, and when you have the right amount of beads, cut it so you have about an inch and a half left on each end.
Step 2A – tie half a knot and pull tight.
Step 2B – while holding the elastic tightly, lift up and slide your other hand through. If it goes through easy and isn’t too tight or too big, then you have the right amount of beads. Of course if it’s too tight, add a couple more, if it’s too big remove some.
Step 3 – once I have threaded all the beads I found I had 7 bracelets, I was only going for 6. What I do is knot it about 4-5 times, depending if you have a bead hole big enough for the knot to go through, or are planning on attaching something to hide it. I also make sure they are really tight and then leave for about 24 hours. If they are still tight and knotty the next day, the elastic will hold up well. Also, before trimming the elastic, thread each end back through the beads, in different directions, until you can trim safely. This helps hide the knot and means the ends aren’t too tiny and won’t undo easily.
Step 4 – while waiting to finish off the bracelets, I made some danglies for them. Simply use pins and make loops, then add a good strong jump ring for attaching to the bracelets when you’ve tidied up the elastic.
And walla! Throw in some pink animal stuff you already have, such as a big bangle, a pair of heart earrings you made from necklaces, and a panther ring, even though it’s gold tone, and you have a wildly pink animal set!
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