HOW TO: Get some colour in your life and stop being plain, boring and anal with your white fixation.

Besides, it’s a tone, not a colour and I don’t like it!

My high school teacher told me black and white are tones, not colours. Kinda like thumbs are not fingers, but I digress.

Many people love white. They think it’s the best tone to use. It’s classical, minimal and works well with anything else you want to use or do with it.

I find it plain, boring and anal.

Does using white mean you’re boring? That you have no life, or can’t find another colour to represent you as a person?

Don’t get me wrong, I look at some websites and blogs that use white, like arty fashion bloggers, and they look good. But I think it’s because white is a base for all of the add-ons, headers and layouts they use. It’s more than likely they would all get lost if any other colour was the background, and possibly detract from the main focus which is on the photography and layout.

Many fashion bloggers have simple lines that look elegant, well placed, and appropriate for the white background. But as much as I like the look of them, they are not me.

The insides of houses are white. Mine is not. In fact, my study/office is blue. A variety of shades from the walls and ceiling, to the carpet, window blind and built in robe to the absolute pile of stuff I have stacked against the wall, (mainly Nancy Drew related).

I love blue. And pink.And while I cannot put a definite finger on the reason for my love of those two colours, it’s possible that I’ve chosen blue because it’s calming. That it’s the colour of the ocean, and I love watching the ocean roll in. I have no idea, more so for pink. They are the two colours in the whole world that make me happy most.

Yes, I love other colours,emerald and red, a good bright yellow, my recent jewellery purchases attest to that, but it’s always blue and pink.

Even though between those two colours combined, the amount of clothes I have don’t come anywhere near the amount of black in my wardrobe. As for jewellery, I do have a tonne of blue and am gaining with pink.

I wish I could live in the colours of blue and pink. Hair, make up, jewellery, clothes, shoes, hell, even underwear.

I love blue. I love pink. I love colour.

I am not a minimalist. I wish I was. I wish I didn’t have everything I have and I could just pack it all up into a big duffel bag and move on, but I can’t. I envy people who can do that. Just pack everything up and move on. I have so much it’s ridiculous.

So I am not a minimalist. I am artsy and you don’t have to prefer white to be artsy. Art is all about encompassing colour.

Andy Warhol anyone?

I’m definitely not classical. Unlike Audrey Hepburn. She was classical, but alas, I am not.

I’m also not plain, boring or anal.

Colour is the world.

United Colours of Benetton anyone?

Remember those bags? I’ve got bags and purses in those colours which I’ve been getting together into a travel set.Life is colour. The planet is colour. The world is colour. And so is the universe.

As I write this long hand, I’m using a universe pen with blue on it.

I love blue. I love pink. I love colour in general. It makes the world go around and fills life with all things imaginable and colourful.

White is not. White is plain and boring and if you are a white person ask yourself, am I plain and boring? Why don’t I have colour in my life? What’s wrong with me? Ask yourself those questions as you have a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Is your hair blonde? Plain and boring!

Are your clothes white? Plain and boring!

Is your house/apartment/flat white? Plain and boring!

And possibly anal!

Find yourself some colour. It will brighten your place, yourself, your life, your world, your universe. And stop you from dying a plain, boring and anal death.

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  1. Nancy Lauzon May 23, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    It took me a long time to embrace color in my wardrobe, but I’ve never looked back. The reason I don’t like white shirts is they’re hard to keep clean!! They show sweat stains and I’ve had to replace my white shirts or tees every year because of that. If I absolutely need a ‘neutral’, I choose taupe or cream.

  2. Jewel Divas Style May 26, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    Hey Nancy, absolutely agree with you. I have 8 white pieces of clothing, three decorated tshirts, three blouses, a painted denim jacket and a blouse jacket (with red and black) to wear over a nice top.

    It does stain with deoderant and perspiration and goes yellow around the neck especially in summer.

    I don’t own white pants/skirts because with sitting so much they would be horrible after a long day.

    As for colour itself, while I do have a lot of black clothing, I ALWAYS wear other colour with it. I CANNOT go without colour, whether it’s clothing, bags or jewellery.

  3. The Tote Trove May 29, 2012 at 12:32 am

    As a fellow color craver, I couldn’t agree with you more. So many people seem to be afraid of color, which has always been a mystery to me.

    The part about not being able to pack up all your belongings in a bag and set off made me laugh because I’m in the very same boat. Who ever said that less was more?

  4. Jewel Divas Style May 29, 2012 at 10:20 am


    I don’t know who said it but they clearly were not materialists!

    I LOVE my stuff. I don’t think I could live without it. I wish I could, but I would feel naked and lonely without it.


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