How One Direction and Bruno Mars can boost a girls self esteem!


I know this is going to seem weird and all, but I got One Directions’, Up All Night cd from my local library and downloaded it to my iPod.
So for some reason I’ve been thrashing, What Makes you Beautiful, and actually bothered to listen to the lyrics.

Now I know they are boys, and I’m old enough to be their mother, but the point is the lyrics. The same with Bruno Mars’, Just The Way You Are.
For women who are feeling insecure with themselves, these lyrics are important. It’s what we want a man to think and feel about us. We
want them to see us for what we are, without make-up, without fancy clothes, without all the crap we use to cover ourselves up on an almost daily basis.
I know, it’s all very bizarre that a little boy band can sing lyrics in a song that can affect women of all ages. But maybe it’s time we started thinking these things about ourselves? 
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