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As y’all know I make jewellery, and it is very hard to make couture jewellery (big one off pieces) on a table and without a model.

So I finally bit the bullet and bought a dressmaker’s dummy from eBay as it was the only place I could find a plain cream one. I called her…Betty

I also found a small mannequin just for displaying jewellery. It’s 54 cm high and not as big as I’d hoped. She’s made of calico and I called her…Bobby-Sue.

I have no idea why I called them Betty and Bobby-Sue but you will be seeing them, Betty in particular, quite regularly, not only on my Instagram but this blog and Jewel Divas Webstore as I will be using Betty for making and displaying and taking pictures of what I have for sale.

Say hello to Betty and Bobby-Sue!

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