HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Welcome to the family, Paco Rabanne’s Black XS

I’ve gone through quite a few perfumes in the last few years as I don’t like revisiting a scent twice due to the changes in batches and my skin. So the next perfume to be welcomed into the family is Paco Rabanne’s Black XS for women.


I found it stronger and better than the men’s versions, which is usually the other way around, so the strength really pulled me in. 


I love spicy and fruity so there are very few scents in my local chemists to pick from, and I don’t want to keep making celebrities rich, so I try to go for other people and good looking bottles.


If I’m going to collect bottles, better make them good looking ones.

What’s the best scent you guys have used, or use, and the best bottle?

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