HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Loreal’s Luminosity is a beauty failure for me.

Earlier this year I had heard about Loreal’s Youth Code corrector serum. Unfortunately, here in Aus, it wasn’t available, and then came Luminosity. A thick cream and serum combo that was supposed to lighten and brighten your face within one week. More changes would come in the months you used it.
 Well, I tried both. Together, as was recommended by the advice from Loreal on the back of the boxes. As they both worked better together like some magical do it all potion.

Well, I tried them both. Together. And nada, zip, zilch, nothing.

The Serum in the bottle is nice, but an absolute waste. The cream in the pot was nice and thick and creamy and really moisturised my face well.

But nothing happened except I was moisturised. My spots and uneven skin tone didn’t diminish as was guaranteed and my skin did not look better over the months.

Also, if using both, the cream after the serum, every morning and night, the serum runs out long before the cream does.

So that’s two big thumbs down for Loreal’s Youth Code Luminosity.

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