Half Yearly Writing Plan Catch Up for 2019

Here’s a mid-year catch up on my 2019 plans…

(1) Under Tiara King I have these planned…

– 1.1 – see whether it will be worthwhile updating my two paperbacks, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential.

– 1.2 – I added style sheets to the interiors in 2018, which will also be given away for free as a download on my style website when people sign up to an email list once I get it done. I will re-release under my own imprint, but it’s a matter of whether I have time, and if I can get the damn newsletter/sign up happening.


– 2.1 – I still want to get my jewellery back into its own website. Selling has been on hold for the last few years due to money, time and energy. I’m still looking for wordpress templates that would suit the type of website look I want, but with everything else going on, this won’t happen for some time.

—– Both of these are on hold still. I did re-upload Closet Confidential and Jewel Divas with updated back matter in e-book format at Amazon, and Closet did get a new cover for the e-book and the paperback cover was done this month, but that was it for the year.


(2) Under T.K. Wrathbone I have these planned…

– 1.1 – The paperback version of last year’s stories is done and will be released in March 2019


– 2.1 – Get three stories written up, typed up, edited, and out along with an anthology, and do the e-covers.

– 2.2 – Release all four in October for Halloween.

– 2.3 – Get the paperback version done ready for release next year.


– 3 – Overhaul the website and give it a front page.


(3) Under L.J. Diva I have these planned…

– 1.1 – Put the next book, DeLuca through several rounds of editing

– 1.2 – Get it to my editor this month, and then edit some more.

– 1.3 – Get the cover finished, and release it as an e-book in March.

– 1.4 – Then comes the paperback interior and cover for release in September.



– 2.1 – Get the next book in the series, Spiros & Jenny, written in March

– 2.2 – Type it up through the year and put it through 3-4 rounds of editing.

– 2.3 – Send it off to my editor at some point in August.

– 2.4 – Release it in September as an e-book along with the paperback of DeLuca.

– 2.5 – Then comes the paperback interior and cover for a 2020 release.


– 3 – Start on the Porn Star Brothers Short Story Collection. At least get them written, and then they can be typed up through the months and edited. I’m hoping to release them as boxed sets through 2020, that way I can write 10-40 pages per story, and not 40 pages per story, so they will get done quicker.


– 4 – I still want to re-release my four standalone novels. The covers are nearly done, and I’ve nearly finished the interiors. All they will need is for the paperbacks to be proofed before release. Hopefully that will be by June, as that is my deadline for getting all four novels out to the public.



—– Spiros & Jenny wasn’t written in March, it was written in May and June, so a little behind schedule. I have started typing it up though, and the next stage is editing.

—– So far the short story collection hasn’t even been started. I realised while trying to get Spenny written that I’m kinda over this series, and more to the point, having a six month deadline for releases. With the Wrathbone stories, and Porn Star stories vying for attention, something had to give. I’m looking toward ending the series next year with a short story collection based on the Stefan kids and how the rest of them met their partners. More than likely out in September to complete the five years this series will have taken by then. Never say never, maybe one day I’ll finally write the rest of the stories that were intended, but I’m going to require the freedom to get into them without deadlines looming over my head. So maybe in a couple of years.


That’s it for my half yearly catch-up, what have you guys ticked off your list for this year?


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