Half Yearly Catch-Up for 2021


It’s time for a half-yearly catch-up on what I’ve achieved so far this year. You can read the original post here.

As usual, green is for ‘done’, orange is for ‘in the process of’, and black for not yet done. No red until the end of the year, and the purple is for updates.


These were ALREADY achieved at the beginning of the year…

– 1 – Re-organised business paperwork, folders, and payments.

– 2 – Closed down the Porn Star Brothers website to make life easier for myself, so that means the LJD website has had lots added to it which started last November.

– 3 – Updated the usual suspects of bios and timelines for TK, JDS, LJD and TKW.

– 4 – Updated the TKW website from the old Zombie theme with the blog on the front page, to the Author Pro theme with a front page and a few new pages. Click this link to see it!

– 5 – Organised all of the pictures for my blog posts for a good six months.

– 6 – Tried to learn the very basics of the new Picmonkey so I can still make blog pics. But at the end of the day, it’s problematic for a lot of reasons and for a lot of people. I can make basic things but not do my outfit collages, so I ended up finding befunky that is almost an exact copy of the old Picmonkey. So I already know how to use it.

– 7 – FINALLY managed to make newsletters for the LJD, TKW, and TK websites. I spent three days watching videos, reading books and blog posts to figure out how to do it and set it up. I don’t think I’ll be doing one for JDS, however, as I’m here every week, so to me there’s no point.

There was a whole lot more, but most of it had nothing to do with this year’s business plans. Although you will see most of the pics in coming posts.


These were ALMOST achieved at the beginning of the year and all were in orange, now…they’re all in green. YAY!

– 1 – Release the four LJD standalone novels in large print and dust jacket hardcovers.

– 1.1 – Release the Porn Star Brothers series in dust jacket hardcovers.

– 2 – Release ALL five sets of TKW’s Bones books in casebound hardcovers, dust jacket hardcovers, and large print paperbacks.

– 3 – Release the casebound hard covers of TK’s Poems Of A Musical Flavour along with the casebound hardcover and large print paperback of #Teenblogger: To Follow Or Not To Follow?.

These will be a staggered release from March to May.


I had these PLANNED for doing…they may not all happen…but you never know…

Under LJD…

– 1 – MAYBE write a novel under LJD. I’m not necessarily releasing it this year, but giving myself time to just write with no pressure. Or “free write” as I’m calling it.

– 1.2 – Release LJD’s And Always, the last instalment of the Porn Star Brothers series, as a trade paperback in March and hopefully a dust jacket hardcover as well.


Under TKW…

– 2 – Write the next six stories and ten anthologies under TKW since none were released last year. AT ALL!

– 2.1 – Type them up, edit them, send them off for editing, edit some more, etc, etc, etc…

– 2.2 – Get the covers done, check the proofs, and release them in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats October 31st at the latest.

I’ve started, YAY!!!!!! (imagine me waving my arms like Kermit)


Under TK…

– 3 – Still see whether it will be worthwhile updating my two paperbacks, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential under TK. It’s possible it might happen.

– 3.1 –Re-write and re-release my book on self-publishing under my name, which I originally released in 2014 under LJD, with all new information.

– 3.2 – MAYBE write a novel and release it in September or October under TK which is an unusual thing for me. But the concept of it is far from being an LJD book, so probably better under my name. It’s all going to depend on what gets written first, the novel, or all of the kid’s stories.



– 4 – Still pick one to two days a month to schedule blog posts and weave my writing schedule around it, comment more on other people’s blogs, and take the school holidays off to get shit done.

– 5 – Continue to post to Insta, FB, TW more during the week across the board and pin to my Pinterest boards monthly.

– 6 – Get my mailing lists for TK, TKW, and LJD done. The mailing lists are for the back of the books that usually contain a clickable link to a page where they can download a freebie if you have it. They then go to your newsletter list. Since I don’t yet have freebies, I don’t yet have a link for the books. But they will be set up by the end of June.

– 7 – Write reader magnets for those mailing lists.

– 8 – I’m actually considering doing some online writing classes to further my education on my craft. Who knows, it might just help. But then again, it might make me even more tired. AND it’s going to add costs to the budget, so I’ll need to consider which ones I do.

Bought thanks to discounts. One doesn’t start until October, but the others are self-paced and are for editing/polishing manuscripts, and grammar and punctuation so I can refresh my language.

– 9 – Something MAY be happening in April, but at this point I’m not sure and won’t discuss it until it happens. IF it happens.

This was the writer’s group I mentioned in the first “what I did on my first writing holiday” post.

– 10 – So SOMETHING ELSE MAY also be happening around that, that has nothing to do with it, but pertains to my health. It’s a matter of budget and schedule.

That would be the gym, and yes I started using it.

– 11 – Overhaul the websites for TK and RSP. I wanted to do this last year but I’ve conceded it will be a slow process of one at a time throughout the year. And since I’ve already done the website for TKW, then RSP might be next. The deadline is June 30 but they’ve been put in the schedule.

Did TK in May and it looks fabulous! RSP may come at the end of the year. I might do LJD next.


As you can see, all of the oranges have changed to green, as have quite a few others.

I’ve also just realised that some items that were on the main list weren’t on the bullet point list, which this is, so I’ll add them here.

1 – Move my hosting/domain names to another company to save on money. I have seven c-panels, six websites, and many domain names, I need to save where I can. Not yet done, but in no rush at this point.

2 – Get my nails sorted out. I saw my dermatologist in June so it’s ongoing and we’ll see what happens with the new lotion.


Also, remember those to-do lists I had drawn up? The ones listing pretty much everything above.

Here are the before and after pics…




Everything green has been done, orange with a red line through it never got done or was postponed month after month. Anything with a black line is just holidays, or I stupidly marked it off as black when I shouldn’t have.


Full year before…


Full year after…

I had to cross out items for the rest of the year as those stories are not written, let alone will not be released this year.


Most of the items in orange are writing. It just didn’t get started until this month. The other things not done are switching hosting companies, and getting the RSP website redone. But considering I’ve already made over two websites this year, and may do a third come Sept, it will be left for later.


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