Going Out Of Business Bargains: Marble Glass Jewellery Chests

A lot of companies are closing down, or going out of business these days, and an Australian jewellery company was no exception.


The designer decided to close her business after 15 years because, basically, she’d lost interest after being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend (clearly hasn’t let it go in the 3-4 years since) and wanted to do other things she has no qualifications for. I won’t name her, as I’ve had past issues with her (and if you search this site you’ll find out), and even though I still have those issues with her, I still bought these glass jewellery chests because they were ridiculously priced to begin with and I could only afford them on sale, like most people. And since I still have the jewellery of hers I bought before my issues with her and her company, I needed another place to store them.

But less about her…

The eBay sale listed them as glass, but I knew when I got them they were the white marble glass. I bought two large, and one small.


I knew exactly where they were going to go, but I needed to rearrange a whole bunch of things first. They were going on my desk in the bedroom, I just needed to clear it off first. Here’s my desk before…(I forgot to take a new pic, so it’s an old photo)


And my desk after.

I had to remove all of the books I had in boxes and only left a couple, along with my caboodles and sassaby containers, plus my gorgeous Betsey Johnson purses.


The chests opened with the middle and bottom drawers out.


Here is the top layer section removed so you can see under them…

I’ve put all of my jewellery from that brand in them, along with any knock offs I have. It left more room for my jewellery in my two five drawer cabinets.


My cabinets before…


My cabinets during, when I cleaned them up and took everything off to make room. The small chest sits on top of my accessories cabinet.


I removed the two inserts from the chest to use as another level on my glass trays.


I filled the chest with bags of jewels and the pieces that wouldn’t fit in the two large chests.


I used the two inserts to boost up my glass jewel boxes and the decorative box for my books on my trays. It adds another level to them and a bit more room.


This was the beginning of the jewellery overhaul. Figured I needed extra space for what I needed to buy, which is still quite a bit to fill in the gaps, but to also get that brand name out of the cabinets for extra room.

The chests are not made well and I could come up with seven issues that should have been addressed when it was in the design stages. But I know she didn’t care. For her and her business partner it was all about making money. As someone who knows about pricing, these boxes were $399 retail, which means they cost less than a quarter than that to make. They are very heavy, velvet lined, stiff drawers, but for less than half price, I’ll tolerate it and work around it.

Yeah, I know, makes me a bit of a hypocrite, but I’ll wear that.


Have you guys needed to have a clean out to buy/store more jewellery?


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