FASHION & ACCESSORY STYLE: Crystals, Stars, Studs and Glitter Rain Boots!

I know, I know, I said in the almighty wardrobe cull of 2014/2015 that I’d never buy black again, and then bought two black tops the following year, but when I saw these black pieces I went, fuck it!, I’m buying them.


I was in the op shop and walking down the jeans aisle when I saw these jeans hanging out from the rest of the row. I took one look at them and pulled them out. They don’t fit properly, but again, fuck it!, I wasn’t going to leave them there for $7. They’re long, jet-black and straight legged. Not a combination you find in a jean that often.


And, of course, I then had to find this black shopping bag with gold stars for $15 from Kmart. Except there was a $9 tag on the rack so I got it at the marked down price, yay. Then Kmart decided to sell these gold studded boots. I bought the first pair for $30 and what the hell, they marked them down to $19 the following week so I got an extra pair. It’s hard to get a size 11Au so I’ve got a spare.


Next were these awesome pink and gold star slipper bootees I found at Rivers for $10 on sale, and back to Kmart for these awesome pink glitter rain boots for $10.


And then there are these unicorn/pegasus slippers for $8 from, again, Kmart.


Seriously, if it hasn’t got stars or glitter, or aren’t unicorns or rainbows, I’m not interested!



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