Disrespect comes in many forms, and here’s a new one

We’ve all heard or used the term, “with all due respect”, but any language expert will tell you that what comes next tells people what you really think of them.
Just like saying, “I really like the colour of that dress, but….”
We all know that it’s just the sweetener before the sour that’s about to leave a foul taste in your mouth and you wanting to punch someone in the head, and what comes after ‘but’ negates all before it any ways.
I had a new version of “with all due respect” a few months back when I commented under my style name on a blogger’s blog and I said in my comment “I was putting my 24 year experience jewellery designer hat on”.
Two people, the owner and another blogger who I had actually stopped following because of her stupidity, both commented and both disgusted me with their attitude towards jewellery, but that’s a different rant.
The blogger I stopped following started her comment with, “I appreciate your years of experience”, and then went on with her opinion anyway.
I stopped, I looked, I re-read her comment and thought, “well, blow me down, that’s a new one”.
I’ve thought a lot about how people start sentences and comments and for some reason they need to set up a prelude to it. I’m not even sure that’s the right term to use. It’s a sentence, such as, “with all due respect”, that they feel they need to add at the beginning as some way of lightening the mood, or letting them off the hook. Like it’s actually going to make their comment more acceptable regardless of how bad it is.
I found it bizarre, because in actual fact, she didn’t appreciate my experience at all. And as I said, their comments about how they don’t care about caring for their jewellery disgusted me. And the owner of the blog claimed she didn’t have dust to worry about so having her jewellery on display was no problem.
Well, if she doesn’t have a problem with dust I’d love to know her secret. But either way, appreciating my experience was rather insulting because I knew she actually didn’t, so why lie to me and try to butter me up?

I would rather someone simply state their opinion and not leave stupid preludes and comments such as, “well to tell you the truth”, which I absolutely HATE because it’s like, why do yo need to say that, do you lie to me every other time you talk?

Ugh, just state your opinion people and stop being stupid and disrespectful.

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