DESIGNER INSPIRED: How to make your own version of Samantha Wills Another Perfect Day

Sometimes when designers and their companies put together stacks it’s from bracelets they’ve come across from markets or Chinese manufacturing plants they buy from, and so, thinking certain colours may look good together, they combine shapes, colours, and designs. 
Unfortunately the “designer” prices they put on these bracelets stacks don’t necessarily equate to how much the stack actually cost to make.
If you’re sick of “designer” prices like me, then make your own. It’s easy enough.
Samantha Wills Another Perfect Day for $130
The yellow opaque, turquoise and wood beads are easy enough to find or buy on eBay. The cord bracelet can be found if you look hard enough or know where to find one. The speckled beads were harder to find. I did manage to find ones on eBay of a different colouring, look under “multicolour turkey beads”.
However I decided to make the stack more my own. First, I made the yellow opaque, turquoise and wood bead bracelet, easy enough.
I also decided to go for multi swirl beads instead of speckled, and I found a cord bracelet wrapped a around gold frame for that touch of difference.
The end result is this
And this. My “ONE PERFECT SUNDAY” bracelet stack for $15.76 AU
Yes, that’s right. I made a 6 bracelet stack for $15.76 over Samantha Wills’ 5 bracelet stack for $130. Sure, I don’t have a charm attached, but that wouldn’t make much difference to the pricing. 
If you’re sick and tired of exorbitant pricing for something that’s made so incredibly cheaply, then make your own. It’s not that hard.
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