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This year I will be doing some great things.

Mainly the Style and Image consultant course I signed up for. I’ve thought long and hard about that sort of course last year, particularly in the last four to five months. I scoured high and dry for an accredited, diploma, or qualified course so I would have some sort of initials to add to my name when I proclaimed I was a stylist and wanted to be able to show I had street cred and knew my business every time I opened my mouth. Not just claim to be a stylist like some of these little girls who think they know what looks good on the same stick insects as them and thinking it also looks good on middle aged women.

Young girls have no idea unless they’ve actually done a course, of any kind, and neither do some older people, and don’t get me started on gay men styling women. They just can’t.

So I will be discussing some of those things this year, get more into my thoughts on awards outfits, doing more of the things I did last year and hopefully have some good things to talk about.

It’s been as hot as hell here in Adelaide, 40+ degrees Celsius, that’s over 100 Fahrenheit, my ankles have swollen, my back’s been playing up, and I’ve had to care more for my mother, leaving little time to even think about a life of my own.

That’s the good thing about this course, I can do it online. I have been thinking more and more about the add on colour course which teaches you to find a person’s colour. I realized the other night that I really don’t care about that part, although it would probably be a handy tool to know when it comes down to it.

Sure, I’m a clothes horse and love accessories, bags, shoes, hats and jewels, but it’s jewellery I love more than anything else in the world. Besides blue and pink that is.

So this thought popped into my head, why can’t I be a jewellery, or a jewellery and accessory stylist, instead of a clothing stylist? I can still do a wardrobe audit and overhaul, I do that to mine every year, and show people how to organise and hang clothes, but with my love of jewellery and accessories, maybe I could somehow be a jewellery and accessory stylist instead.

I don’t know, but I’m taking that up with my teacher as soon as I can. It would be fairly simple to add these things to the jewellery business I have. Just need to add some extra menu bars, a few extra pages, and be able to sell styling options.

So in trying to figure out ways of making my life about jewellery, I even thought of doing some appreciation courses. They may have to be online, but if I can, then why not.

I have no idea where my love for it comes from, just as I have no idea where my love of blue and pink comes from, but I know I would live covered in and surrounded gorgeous jewellery or bling if I could.

I’ve thought about working in a jewellery chain store, but I much prefer to work for myself in my own hours rather than a store. I’m not good in dealing with stock and a register. I also thought about being a designer for a company, but that would also mean working for someone else even though I’d have millions of findings and components at my disposal, all to be made into thousands of manufactured pieces in Chinese factories.

And I have an issue with Chinese manufacturing.

I also have bad sciatica and swollen feet to think about. I can only walk or stand for a few hours at a time, as unfortunately my feet are also flat and cause all manner of pain for me. My back doesn’t allow me to bend or crouch without wreaking havoc on my butt as the sciatic nerve runs through three layers of butt muscle. And let me tell you, stiff pain at night in your butt does not help you roll over, sit up, or even get up at times. It’s horrendous. I creak like an old decrepit house.

So I really do need to find myself something I can do in my own hours at my own pace and when I want while making enough money to survive on. Let’s hope I can make my life about jewellery in my own way at my own pace.


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  1. The Tote Trove January 22, 2013 at 9:32 am

    Congrats on pursuing a profession you love.


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