BUSINESS STYLE: Olay is discriminating against Australians!

Last year I decided to change all of my beauty products to Olay and had to actually buy Olay body washes and moisturisers from eBay in America. Several times I questioned Olay Aus on their Facebook page enquiring whether we would be getting them and was told told no. I asked why not and never really received an answer. After finishing the two bottles of moisturiser I found the one on the left in Big W. They no longer sell it.

Due to body moisturiser no longer being sold I had to change to ANOTHER brand name moisturiser and decided to go with 

Vaseline since I was using the tubs and tubes for my lips and dry hands. So far so good. It’s nice and light for summer and I only need to apply it in the morning.

So Olay, you should be ashamed that you’re discriminating against Australians. Because of your lack of enthusiasm in supplying Australia with the rest of your products that Americans get, such as lovely soaps, body washes, moisturisers and more face products, I have had to change brands. Not good for you Olay, it says you have no concern for what other countries want, it’s just all about America and what you can supply to them.  

Is it about the country you can make the most money out of? Is it because you don’t consider Australian worthy enough of the rest of your products? Why do we go without when America gets it all?

For those of us who would actually like to use your products from head to toe we can’t because you do not make them available to buy. I changed my face products to Olay. I changed my make-up products to Olay / Covergirl. I wanted to change all of my products to Olay but am unable to due to you not considering Australian worthy of your products.

To me this is not only discrimination against a smaller country, but a disgusting choice business wise. You have chosen, as a business decision, to make Australians go without your body and shower products when they may full well be a raging success. For those of us wanting to use the same brand from head to toe, we cannot because of your choice. And because of your choice I have moved to another brand.

Shame on you Olay!

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