BUSINESS STYLE: Nobody puts Baby in a niche!


I’m working off the Dirty Dancing line, so go with me here….

When you ask someone what niche they’re in it’s almost like telling them to walk into a room and choose which corner they’d most like to sit in.

Why do we need to be in one corner? Why can’t we be in every corner?

I do more than one thing. I cannot be confined to one niche as I do so much. Design jewellery, write, blog, commentate, publish. I do so much across two businesses I cannot and will not be defined or confined to one niche. Why should I be?

Why should anyone be?

Why can’t we be and do whatever we want to be and do? Why do we need to narrow our choices down? Why can’t we be across more than one thing?

Trying to find the right words or phrases to cover everything is hard but doable. It’s the same as a tag line. My tag line for this blog is ‘where life, style and sparkle collide’. My tag line for my author website is ‘author, blogger, social & media commentator’. My tagline for myself at my main webpage is ‘designer, creator, collector, consultant, stylist, author, blogger, commentator, publisher, producer, star!’

For a niche, it’s the same thing. I have no idea how many niches I’d be in, or how to use words or phrases to cover it all, but what I have chosen for each will suffice for now.

I am across many niches and I don’t know about you, but nobody puts this baby in one niche!

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