BUSINESS STYLE: I still don’t have my ABN because the government couldn’t even call me

Back on the 14th of August I blogged about losing my ABN (aus business number) and that I rang them within ten minutes of getting the letter concerning my cancellation. 

I told I would receive a phone call within 28 days to rectify the situation. 29 days later I rang again on the 10th of September about not receiving my call and was told she would make it a priority under “asap”. A week later I called again on the 19th of September and was told all I could do was wait.

10 weeks after receiving my letter I rang up wanting to find out why I hadn’t received my phone call. As I explained the situation to the woman I was speaking to I spoke faster to get all the details in as she kept talking over me and not listening.

She then had the gall to tell me to calm down and to not be rude.


It’s so incredibly patronising and insulting especially when I wasn’t excited or angry just talking fast to get my details out. So I then interrupted her and told her I was calm and don’t tell me to calm down or not be rude when all I was doing was ringing to find out why I hadn’t received me call and I was not the one being rude.

Putting the blame on the person calling when all they’re doing is talking fast is not the done thing if you don’t want people to REALLY be rude. Patronising comments get you nowhere, and all it does is piss people off further because of the disgraceful treatment they receive.

She kept talking about tax returns and not filing and how I’d need to do it and I said then why didn’t I receive a letter saying this is what was going on and what I’d need to do about it and after telling me it wasn’t their job to ring me up and tell me she fobbed me off by putting me on hold.

She supposedly talked to a supervisor and said something snarky when she got back on line, and told me because I hadn’t received my call then I was going to have to reapply for my ABN online because the 60 day time period was up.

What a bloody waste of my time and energy.

Why the hell couldn’t they have just sent a letter telling me what was happening and how to sort it out?

Why waste MY time?

Clearly they don’t care about calling people back when THEY are the ones who say to ring them if there is an issue.

Ugh! I feel like swearing my head off I’m so pissed off at not only the rudeness and arrogance of the person I spoke to, but the person who was supposed to ring me back. That’s why it’s taken me two weeks to blog about this because it made me so angry.

Clearly they don’t give a flying fat rat’s backside about people. If they don’t see that you’re running a business then they cut you off.




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