BOOK STYLE: The Towering World of Jimmy Choo

I recently found The Towering World of Jimmy Choo on Amazon and checked it out from my local library.

It’s definitely an interesting story about how JC came to be, the way the ACTUAL Jimmy Choo was treated in the whole business, how Tamara Melon was never the ACTUAL owner, only ever share holder and publicity machine behind it.

I think Jimmy was treated badly through all of this, and while he did what he loved and was trained to do, make shoes, he was not treated the way he should have been.

Tamara and her family, her father is dead and she’s taking her mother to court over his shares (I have no idea if this is still going on), helped sky rocket Jimmy into world known stardom, but her ruthlessness and desperate need to be a celebrity saw her screw people over.

The company has been bought and sold several times, which I didn’t know, and each time, Tamara keeps her shares and place at the head of the company.

It’s a very interesting read into one of the world’s most popular shoe brands.

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