BOOK REVIEW: Spare by Prince Harry


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I ordered this book from my local library on January 7th, and finally got it on February 9th. By then the book had gone from having three copies in the library system, to a couple of hundred or so, and I was told there was a thousand strong waiting list, and several had already gone missing. Any guesses why?

The book I’d ordered was hand delivered from the local library 10 minutes down the road, to my library (same council, same local system, but different suburbs) and two members watched as I booked it out.

What fun!

I had already heard and seen and read the bullshit the media was going on with. Had made some comments on social media pages laughing about the ridiculousness of the British media hastily translating the escaped Spanish version and then dumping their garbage all over it. I thought, what idiots, can’t even wait for the English version, what if none of the translations are even true and the translator was having them on.

If only that were true. Imagine the hijinks we all would’ve had at their expense!

I went into reading the book with a mind that was already on their side, and a mind already loaded down with scenes from the book, so I already knew a lot of what was coming. In this post I talk about the sections I remember, as much of it, like his military career, held no real interest for me.

The book starts with his face on the cover. I don’t like the photo, I think it’s boring. The back cover has a photo of him as a young boy/teenager in a military uniform which is cute. The book is dedicated to his wife, children, and his mother, and the copyright page states that some of the royalties will go to charities.

When reading the print version all I could hear was Harry’s voice. And, since Harry is well-educated, and you realise this is how he talks, it seems incredibly natural, almost as if he’d written it himself. It’s very well done and well written by J. R. Moehringer, who seems to be becoming a memoir king. For this, I give it 10/10. For the story itself, I’ll give it 9/10 as there were parts that I wasn’t interested in. It’s just a pity J.R. couldn’t stay silent when he came out to “defend” parts of the book. Ghostwriters are ghosts for a reason.

The book is divided into three parts.


The first part is about his schooling and his mother’s death.

It’s sad. He relives hearing about her death, not really remembering much of what happened after, it’s told through his eyes and ears.

The only mention from this section that I understand the media attacked him over, was his mention of receiving an X-box for his 13th birthday two weeks after his mother’s death and subsequent walk behind her coffin for her funeral.

The press picked him apart.

Oh, the X-box didn’t come out for two years, what a liar, what an arsehole, whah, whah, whah.

Harry followed up that sentence in the book with a short paragraph about not having the best memory on stupid details like that. Whether or not it even was an X-box, etc, because he might be the one with brain damage and not his mother.

As a side note: I recently watched the Jack Reacher series on Amazon and he kept saying details matter. In this case context matters. Context mattered through the whole book, but once again the press decided that it didn’t, because, you know, they’re cunts! Details matter. Context matters. Truth matters. Little men like Piss Moangan, Dickhead Dan Wootton/Dicky Dan Woowoo/Dicky Dootton, whatever the hell you want to call him, don’t. 

The way I see it is this. Here was a thirteen-year-old boy, who had not only just publicly lost his incredibly famous mother, but had walked behind her coffin on a carriage, and then gone back to school.

What they did was pull apart the memories of a thirteen-year-old incredibly traumatised child. And they really didn’t give a fuck.

In all seriousness, who gives a fuck whether it was or wasn’t an X-box? He said he doesn’t remember correctly. It was a traumatic time, he was thirteen. Move the fuck on, you pathetic pack of cunts.


Part two was all about his years in the military and what happened at home during that time.

It’s a hell of a long section, and he talks about friends, (Henners and his family), losing them, (Henners (I cried)), making them, what he did during this time, and so much more.

He admitted to doing a lot of drugs, and spoke about some of the girls and women he dated. Cressida, Chelsy, a girl nicknamed Flea, and Caroline Flack. The woman the “media” drove to suicide. And according to that media, Harry had absolutely no right to talk about her whatsoever.

Really? He dated her, he was entitled to talk about her and she was already famous herself. He was incredibly respectful about the girls he mentioned, and it was only a few. He was incredibly respectful in the way he spoke about 95% or so of the people mentioned, Rebecca Brooks and Rupert Murdoch, plus a few other “reporters” and staff members were the ones who copped it and even then, I don’t think he went as hard as he could have. But were the media respectful? No, of course fucking not. Not even of Caroline Flack.

He talked about the number of people he killed in Afghanistan and that was so blown out of proportion it was ridiculous.

As other media outlets mentioned at the same time, Harry was deemed a hero when he was in the military and came out of war. Now he’s labelled a murderer, and how dare he voice the number of kills. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, many ex-servicemen came out in his defence saying many talked about it, some even bragged about it, but Harry was definitely not bragging.

Harry himself mentioned it on Stephen Colbert as it was brought up, and said it was to make it okay to talk about for ex-military so they didn’t kill themselves. To want to help his kind, knowing what they have been through, and trying to prevent suicides is noble. Unlike the media, and the British media in particular.

Harry also discussed his father hooking up with Camilla, and how he and Willy had begged his father not marry her.

The press made out that Harry said they hated her guts. That wasn’t mentioned in the book, so, good try media. You lied about that too. But either way, so what? We all know they would have hated Cowmilla’s guts when they were kids. She was the other woman, the third person in their parent’s marriage, they had every right to hate her.

Harry even mentioned that at one point when he went home Camilla had turned his bedroom into a closet. It was one whole fucking sentence in the whole book and the media made a fucking mountain out of it. Harry didn’t even care about it, made no mention of any emotion, but the press had him crying and wailing over losing his childhood bedroom and oh, what a freaking child!

Fucking media!

He also talked about how he had no extra money from his father, as by royal law, his father had to pay for both he and Willy, education, business attire etc. But he had no money to buy normal clothes and other things. So, he would go to TK Maxx during the sales and buy bags of clothes.

“Someone” from TK Maxx came out and said they don’t have sales and he’s lying.

Well guess what happened?

Hundreds of people then tweeted pictures of TK Maxx having sales, and someone found an old picture of Harry coming out of a store when he was in his 20s, carrying two bags of clothes, and it was on the front page of a British paper.

Really, TK Maxx? Who was this “someone” that said this shit? No one bothered to then come out and apologise. So, another lie bites the dust.

He talked about wanting to do more with his life after the military and how the inkling of an idea came to be The Invictus Games. How he got it started and went for walks with ex-servicemen, like to the south and north poles, and when his “todger” got frostbite and a friend suggested Elizabeth Arden cream.

Well, the media went batshit crazy over that titbit, and many other stories that had never made it to their typewriters. Harry revealed so many details that they didn’t know about that they ended up being pissed off to the point they made up lies instead and bitched about it wherever they could to any stupid person who’d listen.

Oh…wait…they do that anyway.


Part three was from when he met Meghan and how he hoped that meant Willy and Kate would love her as much as he did and they’d be a foursome.

Nope. They hated Meghan’s guts even though Chuckles and Lizzy seemed to like her.

He talked about how they hooked up through a mutual friend, quickly dated, went to Africa, tried to keep it on the down low, but soon, media found out and all of the racist, pathetic bullshit came with it. A lot was in the Netflix special as well. He put some of those bullshit rumours about the wedding to bed, the lies and manipulations going on inside the palace walls, who was lying about whom, and so forth and even gave some names.

He spoke of having to leave due to the lies and manipulations, how his family had to be first, how the only way the paps could have found them was from someone leaking it, and how they finally found a place in Montecito and that Tyler Perry is now their BFF.

It was bad enough after the first three episodes of their Netflix special, that one of Australia’s breakfast programs had the half cunt sister of Meghan on and she claimed it was all lies. In fact, she’s now suing Meghan for defamation over the Oprah interview.

How the fuck would the first half of the Netflix special be lies when all they did was talk about themselves and how they met and fell in love? Bitch face Samantha wasn’t even there. But she’s just out to make money, like her father and brother, and everyone else who writes lies about them.

I’m finding it hilarious that all of the British so-called “royal experts” are being pulled to shreds for their lies and bullshit. It’s pretty easy to prove. And my hope is that one day, they’ll all shut the fuck up or die.

A lot of them complained about how Harry was writing a book, or now, has written a book. Dozens have been written about him in the last four decades, but apparently, he wasn’t “allowed” to write his own and tell his own story. The press keep saying he should just shut up and go away. Why? To make you happy? So you can keep spewing lies about them and earning money off them? Because you need him to shut the fuck up so the truth won’t come out. That you’re a pack of lying cunts out to earn money off them.

Oh…wait…we already know that!

Many have mentioned how his mother had biographies written that she participated in. That Charles had a book that he participated in and even talked about how cold and unfeeling his parents were. But God help Harry when he talks about Chuckles never being a good dad, oh no, Harry can’t talk about the same thing Chuckles and Willy did, it’s so unbecoming.

Many have claimed that this book is “all lies”. How would you know that? Oh, wait, you wouldn’t.

Much of this book is about private times behind closed doors, in the military, between two or more people. They were not public, they are not your story to tell, they are his, and since you have no clue whether or not they happened, you have absolutely no proof to say they are lies. That’s just the media talking, that’s your brain being unable to comprehend the truth, that’s you being a sheep and believing what you’re told instead of coming to your own conclusion.

Many said, after the Netflix special, they’d changed their mind and now understood what had been happening and what was still happening in the media.

This book has done/will do the same for some people. 

But, if you hated them before, you may still hate them after reading this. Or you could come away with a better understanding of how things were in a first-hand experience.

And if you loved them before, you’ll love them even more.

I generally don’t read memoirs, simply because they’re not my thing, but I wanted to read this, just as I wanted to see the Netflix special and the Oprah interview, to hear it from them, and make up my mind about it all.

It was an interesting read; I recommend it for memoir lovers. I also recommend going in open-minded, but that’s going to be impossible for the sheep with hatred in their heads.


My take…

What it comes down to is this. It’s very clear the media owns the royal family, and they thought they had a tight rein on Harry. They didn’t. Like his mother, he broke free and went his own way against the idiots who kept changing their mind about how he could and couldn’t be half in half out. Although, if it’s good enough for his cousins Beatrice and Eugenie, why not him? The sexism is reversed in Harry’s case. They could, but he couldn’t. Why? No one has actually gone in depth about why he wasn’t allowed. Why his grandmother stripped him of his medals, military career, etc, as she did his mother of everything she had.

Quite frankly, I think Lizzy was a hateful old cow who wanted to punish Diana, and then prove the point with Harry. She was the queen, and now Chuckles is the king. They can change the way things are done in the family. Hell, Chuckles is doing it now, but for some reason, they just couldn’t let Harry be a new way forward, bring new things to the royal table, be a new hope for the coming decades.

No. They just couldn’t and I’d really like to know why Lizzy, and now Chuckles, hate Harry so fucking much, that they refused to change the way things are done. And why bother having a summit and offering him five different ways to be in the family, if you were going to turn around and say that number 1 and 5 were the only acceptable ways and the other three didn’t matter? Because he chose number 3 as that was closest to their plan and they just couldn’t let them have that even though it as on the table.

Lizzy clearly didn’t learn from to whole “I know my people” bullshit after Diana died when she didn’t do anything and the public called her out. The courtiers, press secs, and other conniving cunts were clearly running the place from the 80s, I’d say, so maybe she let them get to her. And Chuckles has followed in her footsteps even though he hated her deep down because she discarded him for her country.

The royal family of England has never been a great family. Just go back centuries of families who were in power, died from it, had cousins and distant relatives take over when no heirs were available. If it was good enough for Lizzy to do things her way, and her uncle, who abdicated to marry Wallace, to do things his way, then why couldn’t she be more loving and considerate of her grandchild?

Maybe it’s because no one wanted another rebel. Another member who did what they wanted and wants to do what they need to. Maybe, no one wanted Harry simply because he reminded them of the one person who started the demolition of the archaic royal family.

His mother, Diana.



Before this review I had done two video reviews, covering some of this and more, and for those who don’t have TikTok or Twitter you can check them out on my YouTube Channel as the videos refuse to embed here in the blog. Click here!


I’ve also released a new video, “Five Reasons Why I Sympathise With Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex“. It’s on my YouTube Channel as well.  Click here!


*** Again any hateful comments will be deleted and you’ll be blocked. Reasonable, clear-headed comments will stay. I don’t mind a bit of swearing, but I have no need for any sadistic, hate-filled diatribe on my blog.


Even though this is a review of his “actual” book, I will add, that while I haven’t seen the South Park episode in full, just the bits that have been aired on TV shows in order to dump shit all over H&M, I did find the SP book cover to be absolutely freakin’ hilarious.



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