We need to believe in ourselves more. Many don’t, especially women, more than likely from the way we were raised or the things “society” has taught us.

I don’t need to beg for a compliment, I don’t expect them. So when I get them I know they come from a place where the person felt free to offer them and not pressured into it by my insecurity. Of which I don’t portray in public. I stopped expecting things and people to feed my ego a long time ago.

I know when I feel good in the outfit I’ve chosen I’m comfortable, and can walk along carefree. If I don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, that will more than likely come across in my body language.

My ego doesn’t need to be told by someone else whether or not it looks good. It knows if it looks good.

I don’t need someone to tell me how fantastic something I’ve written is, or piece of jewellery I’ve made is. I know that within myself. I know if something is complete and done, we all do. We know that the outfit, painting, whatever we are doing or making, needs something extra. We feel it, we know it.

I know what I think of myself. I know what I do and don’t believe and what you think of me doesn’t even come close to being on my radar. We don’t need to like anything anyone else says or does, and that is our right. As long as we believe in ourself and have absolutely no expectations from or about anyone but ourselves, then we don’t need that ego boost from another person. We can give it to ourselves.

We just need to believe…

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