Australia’s Human Nature set to take America’s Las Vegas by storm for the next year!

Yesterday on the Today Show, I found out that the boys were going to be performing their Motown show at The Imperial in Las Vegas for the next year. I’m a tad annoyed! I didn’t know! Although I’m not sure why I should know, after all, I don’t stalk them or anything. Yeah …… right…….


So everybody in America, go see the boys in Vegas. Anyhoo, I don’t feel like congratulating them, as I miss a particular member 🙁 In the meantime, a little story …….

I haven’t always been a fan of Human Nature. Uh,uh. I became a fan around the time of the second cd, Counting Down. Sure I had seen the boys through their first cd, Telling Everybody, and all the promo work they did for it. The really, really, really, bad film clip for Got it Goin’ On, where, like Oh my God, they were really, really young. lol. The clip was bad. Seeing young boys running around with their shirts open is wrong at the best of times.

Andrew, a 22 year old boy should not have his shirt hanging open, it makes you a flashing neon sign for free sex! And Michael, the hair! I love you, I adore you, but … the hair. No young man of 19 should have hair like that. Ever!

And as for the Black and White magazine photo shoot … I feel like a pervert looking at little boys.

Young, and I stress that word, men, in their early twenties, should not be posing naked in a magazine. Never! You were little boys who should have been home, not standing naked in a locker room leaning provocatively, and quite girlishly, against a wall, looking like you’re about to pleasure yourself. I shudder when I look at that photo. Andrew, that’s not how I want to see you. If you did the shoot today, it would be better. You’re men now, you’re of an age where the photos would look appropriate, not grossly wrong.

Anyhoo, I knew who they were and what they did, and while I saw everything, they didn’t really interest me. Sure I taped them on tv shows, yes with vhs tape, lol, that’s how far back they go, I still didn’t buy any cds until Counting Down. And even then, I ended up winning one in a competition, which later got signed at a mini concert/signing/fan show. Two days after my 25th birthday. Yay me. I even managed to get Toby to write ”Happy 25th” inside the cd booklet, even though he didn’t look at me once, and just kept sucking. His lollipop that is!

Not all the cds were great, and there’s never been any cd of anybody’s where I like every song on the cd. Telling Everybody, ok, Counting Down, a little better, Human Nature, a lot better.
With the first single of He Don’t Love You, the cd was all set to succeed, and did. It was followed up with a Best Of, what the fuck!
With all the singles they had released, apparently the record company thought they were worthy of a Best Of. It was good enough. With the new single, Always Be With You, which I love, plus a cover of Terence Trent D’Arby’s, Sign Your Name, and a song called Shout. Not the Johnny O’Keefe version. The dvd that accompanied it was fantastic, and had the live show, all the film clips, and extras of when the boys went overseas and at home for the show.
Following that, Walk the Tightrope came out and I had mixed feelings for it, but have since come to love all the dance tunes, and am currently thrashing it once again on the cd player. The original, When You Say You Love Me, is just as good as the new version, but I’ll get to that later. It was also their worst seller.
Next came all 3 Motown cds, I’m not a fan of all Motown songs, and only like a few on Reach Out. Especially love Uptight, from Dancing in the Street, and River Deep Mountain High from Get Ready, along with a few others. Of course, the Motown stuff took them through three years and a variety of concert tours and shows overseas, like last year, and there has been a proper dvd, Reach Out, live at the Capitol, with a special concert cd of the dvd, plus an extra concert which came with the Reach Out cd in a special edition. They won the Australian Aria (Australian record industry award) in 2006 for highest selling album for Reach Out, and performed a medly of Motown songs. They blew the roof off! Of course they did, and you can see it if you go to – – or –
and go to the forum, there’s a page of all the youtube clips there that one of the members pulled together.
So Motown calmed down, and late last year, 2008, they released, a ”new” cd. A Symphony of Hits.
Technically, it’s their old hits and a few extras, rejigged to have a symphony behind it. The songs sound good, especially When You Say You Love Me, the tv ads for it looked good, and Sony has been showing their 10 minute snippet movies of various Sony artists lately, of which HN has been on twice a week for months.

So, if you go back over the 13 years of Human Nature, although they are celebrating their 20th year together this year in November, (but won’t be home to celebrate it, boo hoo)you will see a progression. Young boys who turned into men.

Young boys who had no idea how to dress, or do a decent hairstyle. Michael!!!!!!!!!!

Young boys who progressed through the years into mature, supposedly, young men, who had more confidence in themsleves in a variety of ways. Their music, their dancing, their dress sense.

Young boys who turned into decent men who still can’t so a decent hairstyle.When are you lot going to learn to find a nice hairstyle that suits your face shape, and stick with it?

Michael, you look so much better with short hair, but can you grow it a little so we’ve got some curls to run our fingers through.

Phil, back in 2004, you had great hair, swept back off your face, a little length, it suited you perfectly. Then you cut it!?!?

Toby, sweetie, we know you’re in need of length, please grow some.

Andrew, grow your God damn hair! You did for Motown, even though it was a bit too long, but you need length on top so it covers your big fat shiny forehead.

When are men going to get they need a bit of length so their ears don’t stick out. They need some fullness so their heads don’t look lopsided and uneven. They need to get a decent cut and style so it suits them and their age. Of which Human Nature is going to be 20 this year, and the boys are all in their 30’s, even Michael, who we know has not yet gone through puberty! Though he recently turned 32.

If it’s one thing you boys do this year, please get a decent hairstyle! And tell Sony to release all of your concerts on dvd. There are some of us fans who have missed out on concert tours through the years, and would love to have a permanent version of it to wear out on our players, especially the really hot bits!. Not to mention all the extras we don’t get to see, and all the Motown stuff, film clips, tv shows, overseas gigs etc, etc, etc. It would be great to have it all in our collections.However, they have now gone back to Motown, in Las Vegas for a year. BOO HOO! That means they’ll miss both my birthdays. 🙁


I love yas all. I do, really!

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