Australians are feeling more and more unsafe in their own lives.

The was a report on last night about how more and more people are feeling unsafe. Quick version is below –

Feeling unsafe? You aren’t alone.

The release of the Australian Quarterly Social Trends Report has revealed that one in four Australians feel it is unsafe to take public transport or walk alone in their neighbourhood at night.

This fear of personal crime can affect the health and well-being of individuals, and diminish trust within neighbourhoods by weakening an individual’s sense of community.

The report also suggests that the reporting of violence in the media can impact on people’s perceptions about their personal safety in the wider social environment in which they live.

It is an interesting conundrum when you consider that while we are all shutting ourselves away in our houses, the TV is offering a never ending supply of police procedurals, gangland shootouts and unsolved crime shows. Foxtel even offers a whole channel of crime related content to fuel our sense of unease.

It’s only natural when you think about it, doesn’t it make sense that 10 years of C.S.I. will convince at least some people that there’s a serial killer around every corner?


Now they had an expert demographer on to talk about it and he said crime was on the decline but we had 1 MILLION victims of crime last year.



We are a small country, we have roughly 22 million people and there was 1 MILLION victims of crime last year.

That seems SO wrong to me.

And it would be the ones who ACTUALLY reported the crimes that were committed against them.

God knows how many went unreported.

I’m not so much afraid, more wary. I know that groups of youths/men can be dangerous especially for a female on her own. I keep all the doors and windows locked on the house and the car when I’m out. I don’t go out at night on my own. And I try not to look timid and afraid so I’m not an easy target.

As long as our population goes up, so will crime.

Way back when, when there was only 10 million people in this country, everyone left their doors unlocked and windows open at night.

Although that clearly wasn’t helpful coz plenty of kids have been snatched through open windows. And even in this day and age, you leave a window or door unlocked and a crim walks in.

Where’s Tony DiNozzo, Danny Messer or Sgt Stone when you need a crim beaten up?

Not at my place unfortunately!!!!!




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