Advertorials invading our brains through the magic of television!

I am bitching about advertorials today.

Not the danoz or guthy renker shows that air from 1-4 am in the wee hours of the morning, and not the shopping networks some country’s have on tv, like America’s home shopping channel that sells the likes of Suzanne Somers and Kathy Ireland, but I’m talking about the adver-fucking-torials that air during the three, oops, make that two now that 9am with David and Kim has been axed, morning shows here in Aus.

The shows run for 2 hours, 9-11 am, although the Morning Show runs till 11:30, but if you take all of the hosts, guests and gossip out you’re left with at least 1.5 hours of fucking advertorials.

And they have now invaded normal daytime shows by playing during the normal ad breaks. Proactive, Snuggies, Vacuum cleaners, they all pop up during the day on the crap shit networks we have.

WE’RE BEING INVADED PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The invasion of the ad snatchers began a long time ago, when companies would have small ads on shows, but now that most of these shows are nothing but advertorials, I’m ready to kill.

Last week, channel ten decided to axe 9am with David and Kim because there weren’t enough viewers. God knows why, they were being invaded by the subliminal messages in the ads on the networks and being made to pick up the phone and call them for their snuggie/proactive special today before they ran out.

People weren’t watching anything else except for me. Who would flick between 7,9 and 10 in the vain hope of missing a dumb arse ad and hopefully seeing something of interest.

Unfortunately, even the gossip bloggers can’t get their gossip right and just sit there making it up.

So, the day will never come unless we rise up as one and shout to the network heads that we’ve had enough of these bloody advertorials.

But they will not listen, even then. For money talks way too loudly in their ear, as though it’s the devil sitting on the shoulder of the network exec, slyly talking about the millions he will and needs to make while the angel sits on the other, hopelessly trying to convince him otherwise.

No people, the advertorials will never go away, not while network heads want money, and not while brainless body snatched people are still calling up and giving their credit card details over the phone to complete strangers who may well be robots trained to suck your brain out of your head and down the line.

God help us all peoples!!!!!

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