Ads, Advertorials and the amount of time they take up of a show!

Back in December 2009, I wrote a bitch about advertorials.

Not much has changed in a year, in fact, it’s gotten worse.

Not only do we now have three morning shows again which are being invaded by the little bastards, but they have now gone to normal ad breaks and invaded the new digital channels.

But it’s the ad breaks that annoy me more.

Many a year ago, in a half hour show, you would get two ad breaks. At the ten and twenty minute interval. Two ad breaks in half an hour.


We can get about five plus.

That means the networks cut off the shows before the specified ad break mark and we get about three – four minutes of show before another ad. Sometimes, we only get two minutes.

Now I know the ads pay for the show or the people working on it, or whatever, but seriously, I’D LIKE TO VIEW THE FUCKING SHOW AND NOT THE FUCKING AD BREAK.

I don’t give a shit what ads they are. I don’t give a shit if you’ve got people to pay off. I don’t give a shit if you need the money to pay for your fucking network.


It doesn’t matter what show it is, they do it. It’s like we just get back from an ad break and we’re having another one.

It is such a turn off that like most people I channel surf between ad breaks.

Although what really pisses me off is when ALL the shows are on break together and you’ve got nothing to watch.

Oh and by the way, to all those tv execs who like to bullshit us that the ads aren’t louder than the shows.


And if it’s true, then that means you’re turning the shows down so when the ads come on we listen.


We don’t listen to ads, we change the channel or go and take a leak. Or in some cases, since some shows AND ads give us the shits, we go and have a shit.

So, it would seem we need to revolt against the networks and tell them to get the fuck off our tvs with their bullshit ads and shove them up their arses and fuck off.

I don’t want them, and I ain’t the only one!


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