ACCESSORY STYLE: The Miracle of Sparkle!


As any sparkle lover would know, regardless of whether it’s ridiculously priced big name designer pieces or a chain store or eBay bought article, stones are bound to fall out of jewellery.

Some of the biggest criminals are rings as they are bound to take more wear and tear as we do just about everything with our hands. Open doors, bottles, pick up bags, open car boots (trunks), put on clothes, take off clothes, try clothes on, wheel shopping trolleys (carts), delve into the nether regions of our massive handbags to dig around bottomless pits for our purse or keys, hand money over, get money, get waved around when we talk.

Our rings take the battering of daily life and so it’s inevitable they will lose stones and this has happened to me countless times where I have been unable to find the stones to re-glue, but the last time was quite something.

Mum and I had pulled up in our local centre and I got out to start loading up the trolley with our shopping bags and hand bags. I was wearing my Pink Flutterby set and when I flipped up the boot with my right forefinger knuckle it slid off and the ring hit the metal. I took one look and knew what had happened. A big stone had come out.

Once I’d got mum out of the car even she looked. I figured the sun would shine off it and I’m looking around the car, in the boot, all over the ground, but knew all may well have been lost.

I switched the ring to my left hand so it wasn’t noticeable and we spent the next few hours shopping. I hoped that when we got out the different angle of the sun would help shine a light. We got to the car and I unloaded both of the trolleys, got mum in and then started to look for that pink sparkle, and low and behold, there she was lying on the ground close to the car, surprisingly decent and not trod all over by foot traffic. I was surprised, but not overly shocked. I had hoped it would be there and the sun shone its way to me finding it. I tucked it safely away and glued it back in later.

That’s what I call, the miracle of sparkle!



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