ACCESSORY STYLE: Australia’s Night of Nights, The Logie Awards

Australia’s night of night’s, The Logies, was on last Sunday night and I, as a jewellery lover, was once again extremely disappointed in the fact there was next to no jewels on the night.

It was either earrings, OR, a necklace, OR, bracelets, OR, rings, but rarely, if any, all together.

The other issue about the Logies is that there must have been a memo go around to get your tits/boobies/fun bags/jugs out and on display because at least 95% of the females showed them off as their own accessories. Low cut, pushed up and out, it was an atrocious display of “look at moi”. You may as well have written it across your chest but let’s have a look at the only decent jewels on the night.

Lots of bracelet and funky looking multi finger rings

2015 logies - bangles - rings

Earrings, for those that wore them were on the big side, mainly studs, and very bejewelled.

2015 logies - earrings

I think the Housewives of Melbourne wore the most jewellery amongst themselves, as well as fake tan and copious cans of hairspray.

2015 logies - housewives

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