ACCESSORY STYLE: 2018/19 Jewellery Overhaul Part 1

Today I’m talking about the pieces I retired from the jewellery box, or turned into charms. And there were a lot of them.


In the first photo, many earrings were put into the jewellery craft kit for either future use, or for turning into charms. Bracelets were pulled apart and turned into other things, or some sets were pulled apart due to breakages or the fact that I just didn’t like the pieces anymore.

As we all know, better jewellery comes along, better stuff is made. You can buy keyrings and turn them into earrings, etc.

I just never knew what to do with the antique heart set (above), and never wore the bolo except when I was line dancing. And pieces from the pink floral set were just not up to snuff anymore.


Below is a range of plastic bead necklaces, pendants that never really went with anything else, earrings that will be used as charms, and sets that I haven’t worn in ages but I just don’t want to get rid of. So, they went in the craft kit.


Below are pieces from sets that were retired (the circled ones). My bear set is half silver, so the necklace and bracelets went back into my silver jewellery box. The small flamingo necklace and earrings were retired, and the clay mask bracelet was actually broken. The beads had worn out.


Below are just four earrings that I added to other pieces as charms. I loved their colours, but never wore them as earrings, so they were attached to something they coordinated with.


What pieces have you guys retired or repurposed lately.



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