2022 Jewellery Overhaul Part 1

This year features another overhaul. Cleaning, restringing, remaking, combining.


First off, though, SOME of the pieces I’ve bought I’m not going to reveal until later this year.


I found these gorgeous Betsey Johnson pieces and spent a fortune on them. Yikes! This conversion rate is killing me! Two necklaces, the star and moon was $96.80AU, the dancing girl in the moon was $132.44. Double yikes!! The earrings were higher because of all manner of conversion/tax bullshit. The earrings were $172.08. I added them to the dancing couple earrings I already had from Lovisa for $2.40 as I’ve never worn them, and I wanted to add to the dancing girls as they’re two small in size for me. You know I like large!


I bought these off a website called Depop. The pale yellow ring was $35, the earrings, which are barely 8cm long and not very wide, were $45.


Now onto some combining and remodeling.

I took my Babushka doll pendant necklace, and my plain white bead necklace, and joined them up.


And I took my pink butterfly set, remade the earrings by adding some new pendants to them, and added a butterfly bangle I had lying around (don’t know why I didn’t add it in before). I’ve thought for a long time that the original earrings were too small for me. So when I was going through my jewel kits and the jewellery for sale kits, I came across a pile of pendants and whatnot of butterflies that I was going to turn into a collection. I took these two necklaces and added the pendants to the earrings. Viola! New look earrings.


Well that’s part 1, part two is coming in two weeks as the next RSL Art Union is next week. Man, they’re churning them out each month.


What jewellery bargains did you guys get over the holidays? Or have you remade somethings to make them bigger or better?



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